About Us

features crocheted items with some of the most interesting yarns, arresting colors, textures, & stitching. Each piece is HANDMADE & carries a bit of our very special artist in its craftsmanship. Hand crocheted offerings include HATS, SCARVES, COWLS & MORE !!

EACH Design is ONE OF a  KIND! 
Choose distinctive handmade crocheted items from our OUTSTANDING collections.
Our pieces range from warm & practical to the fashionable & fun. 
There's something special JUST FOR YOU!

About the Artist

Jhari Designs ONLINE BOUTIQUE began with Harry, a life-long crafter, making crochet and other handmade gifts for her three daughters. More and more often, people would demand to know where these unique pieces came from and where THEY could buy them. Her artistry has become increasingly popular as she produces hats, scarves, & accessories made of different yarns, in different styles.

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